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Volume 1, Number 1 • 2015

The new Tucson Chronicles is a publication of the Entertainment Magazine that features historical and cultural stories from Tucson, Arizona's past. Tucson Chronicles showcases nostalgic articles, history, culture and entertainment.

This first edition of the Tucson Chronicles highlights the new book "Treasures of the Santa Catalina Mountains," by local author Robert E. Zucker, that explores the legends and history of the mountains. Download a PDF of the entire free newspaper or read portions below.

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gold in the Canada del Oro Santa Catalina MountainsPage 2: Lost Mission and Lost Mine Mysteries

Page 3: Searching for the Treasures of the Santa Catalinas: Legends and History

Page 4: Santa Catalina Mountains Treasures

Page 67: Buffalo Bill Cody Strikes It Rich in Oracle.

Lost Treasures of the Santa Catalinas

Rich Stories and Events Shaped Tucson’s History

One Of The West’s Largest Land & Gold Treasure a Literary & Film Adventure For Everyone

Some of the greatest treasures of the Wild West are hidden in the Santa Catalina Mountains north of Tucson, Arizona. These mountains are shroud- ed in mystery and immersed in rich legends that have been lost in time.

The discoveries of stone ruins, early Spanish placer mining sites, a lost mission, and the stories about the mountains only fuel speculation about the riches still left behind.

The Iron Door Mine– the most famous legend of the Catalinas– has lured prospectors and treasure hunters for hundreds of years. When natural minerals were ac- tually discovered, prospecting became a business.

The daunting mountains may seem quiet now. But there is a lot of forgotten history as well as many legends to uncover. These legends and the history behind them are explored in this edition of the Tucson Chronicles.

Gold Found in The Cañada Del Oro

The Cañada del Oro – Canyon of Gold – has been a proven source of gold for hundreds of years. It earned its name from the large deposits of gold found along the canyons of the Santa Catalina Mountains.

The Tucson Gold Rush of the late 1800s brought pros- pectors by the thousands. Some of Tucson’s most prominent pioneer businessmen and lawmen were well known miners. They dug along the famed Can- yon of Gold and discovered naturally forming quartz with veins of gold, copper and silver.

Throughout the entire Santa Catalina Mountain range large deposits of precious minerals are still hidden. But, it is the gold that attracts the most attention.

"A ground test recovered “230 oz. of gold”
at a site in the Cañada del Oro."

From Mineral Appraisal of Coronado National Forest, Part 5. Page 25. 1984. U.S. Department of Interior, Bureau of Mines

Prospectors were eager to find those riches and staked out thousands of mining claims around the mountain range. They also learned more about the tales of the Santa Catalinas that became part of Arizona’s early history.

Modern prospectors still hunch over the winding creeks hoping to pan some gold nuggets or even just flakes that still flow down the Cañada del Oro.


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Searching for Arizona's Buried Treasures

Searching for Arizona's Buried TreasuresTwo Year Odessey - Found 82 lbs. of Gold!

Authored by Mr. Ron Quinn Read sample pages from Ron Quinn's new book, "Searching for Arizona's Buried Treasures."

"Entertaining Tucson Across the Decades"

Entertaining Tucson

Volume One of a new book on thousands of local entertainers and hundreds of bands whoperformed in Tucson nightclubs and theatres across 50 years. Read sample chapters from Entertaining Tucson Across the Decades.

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